Sanitation Ministry/GAMA Call For Strict Adherence To Safety Protocols To Combat COVID-19

The Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources and the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) has waded in the fight against the fast spreading deadly coronavirus, with a new drama series titled Corona Life, that will remind Ghanaians to consistently to adhere to the safety protocols.

The Greater Accra Metropolitan Area which is the brain behind the drama series has prioritized public education of citizens on the need to adhere to the anti COVID-19 protocols, advising Ghanaians to abide by the strict safety protocols to combat the deadly viral pandemic.

In an interview with lng. George Asiedu who is the Project Director at GAMA said the current upsurge in cases in institutions and establishments is a concern, hence the need for strict adherence of safety protocols by all to combat the disease.

He called on the public to comply with all the laws that have been introduced as a safeguard to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and to guarantee public safety and protection.

Ing. George Asiedu continue to say, the safety protocols from world health organization is in our interest and that we comply with all laws and precautionary measures that have been put in place to stem the spread and entreated citizens to ensure compliance with all that stated protocols- the social distancing, the enhanced hygiene protocols, and the wearing of face coverings at all times.

Ing. George Asiedu said the Sanitation ministry and GAMA will continue to share PPES, work on the drainage system for the free flow of water and provide good drinking water to the vulnerable.

He called on the security agencies to arrest persons who flout the laws to be prosecuted and convicted adding that presently the punishment for contravening the laws were severe.

In the case of the ongoing voter registration exercise, GAMA call on the security personnel assigned to various centres to deal with those who breached the laws.

By:Isaac Clottey

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