Savannah Region Has The Best Of Culture And Natural Resources- Abu Jinapor

The Hon Minister for Lands and Natural Resources who doubles as MP for Damango, Samuel Abdulai Jinapor has today schooled Parliament and Ghanaians in general on the rich culture and the natural resources situated in the Savannah region.

He mentioned several personalities from the region that has greatly contributed to the fight for Ghana’s Independence, post Independence, and development in making Ghana as it is today.

Mr. Abu Jinapor used the opportunity to mention some of the natural resources that make the lands of the Savannah region the best for Agriculture including the agro-ecology, the flat and gentle nature with its fertile value of the land, the Katanga valley in east Gonja Municipality, part of the provision valley in the North Gonja district and the Oti river basin which makes the region suitable for large commercial and mechanize agriculture.

The Minister mentioned many foodstuffs that are produced and distributed to any part of the country such as maize, millet, rice, yam, cassava, Shea nut, mango, cashew, and many forest plantation-like rosewood are all produced from the Savannah region.


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