Six Million Children Are To Participate In 2019 Deworming Exercise

The Ghana Health Service to kick start National School Aged Deworming Exercise 2019 from 4th -8th November from KG to JHS three.

The exercise is geared towards fighting neglected tropical disease which are mostly infected through bath or drinking, swimming and walking in contaminated water bodies.

Meanwhile, the 2019 exercise is going to be carried out in 205 district across all the region.

Speaking at the program, Deputy Director of Ghana Health Service, Mr Martin Ankomah disclosed that about 6 million school going children are going to participate in the upcoming important national excercise.

Furthermore, the exercise also seek to protect children from bilharzia, schistosomiasis and other intestinal worm infestation.

He called on parents to allow their words to participate in the Excercise

Mr Ankomah was speaking at the press briefing on the upcoming National School Aged Deworming Excercise.

Madam Joyce Aryee, Ambassador for Neglected Tropical Disease also hinted that the exercise will also focus on high infested areas in the country.

Neglected Tropical Disease are mostly found in the rural areas and urban slams and there are 14 identified NTDs in Ghana.

One may noticed of infection by passing blood in urine, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and blood in stool among other.

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