Stonebwoy’s wife gives insightful education on oral signs of kidney disease

Stonebwoy’s wife gives insightful education on oral signs of kidney disease

The symptoms of kidney disease can also show up in your mouth.

According to Dr. Louisa Satekla-Ansong, Dental Surgeon, Charisma Dental, a large number of people with kidney disease are more probable to succumb to oral health problems.

On this week’s edition of ‘Toothy-Tuesday’, which serves as a follow up to last week’s conversation on ‘The rise of Kidney failure in young people in recent time’, the Award-winning Dental Surgeon chose to enlighten the general public on oral manifestations of kidney disease which exerts a variety of dental side effects on humans.

“The oral cavity is the mirror of the health of the entire body,” she said. “Kidney disease is one such disease which presents a spectrum of oral manifestations.”

Dr. Satekla-Ansong, in the recent episode, revealed an array of oral health signs associated with kidney failure, including uremic stomatitis, urea breath, dry mouth, or xerostomia, frequent and easy bleeding of the gums.

She added that metallic taste in uremic patients has been reported to be due to urea content in the saliva.

Last week, Dr. Satekla-Ansong chose to enlighten the general public on kidney disease which has become a common topic of discussion in recent times. Together with Dr. Akosua Asomaning, Nephrologist from Korle Bu Teaching hospital, in Instagram live session successfully gave intellectual education on how to prevent and identify systems of the canker.

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In the session, Dr. Asomaning highlighted health malfunctions that contribute to kidney failure, including Post-Infectious Glomerulonephritis which she explained functions as controlling the balance of fluid in the body, filtering blood, passing the waste products onto the bladder as urine, and controlling blood pressure.

According to her, infections in the throat or on the skin can sometimes cause short-term kidney disease in children. She explained that this happens when the immune system, which fights off the infection, also attacks the kidneys during that fight. “This can damage the kidneys and make them less able to filter blood until healing is complete,” she added.

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