Stop Exploiting Unsuspecting Clients In The Name Of Vanuatu

The Vanuatu Trade Commissioner to Ghana, Prof Hugh Aryee, has issued stern directives to all individuals and organizations who use the name of Vanuatu in any form of advertisements or business transactions, to cease forthwith until they regularize their operations with the Vanuatu Trade Commission-Ghana.

It has come to the notice of the Commissioner, that, some outfits purport to organize tourists and business trips to Vanuatu as well as inform clients of the issuance of visas and other investment opportunities to the unsuspecting public. The Commission wishes to advise that, these activities or adverts by numerous travel agents have not been sanctioned by the Commission for which the Foreign Affairs Service of Vanuatu deems inappropriate and an infringement on their sovereignty.

Being the officially accredited mission by the Republic of Vanuatu to Ghana, with oversight responsibility for West Africa, and fully accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Regional Integration of the Republic of Ghana, the Commissioner is advising all business entities and individuals to contact the office of the Trade Commissioner for further enquiries and directives.

The Commissioner is therefore issuing this communique in the interest of all concerned, to abide by this directive to avoid any future sanctions. It directs all travel agents, business concerns and individuals interested in doing business or traveling to the Island to contact the Vanuatu Trade Commission-Ghana immediately. We therefore equally advise the unsuspecting public who might have paid money to any travel agency or business entity in the name of Vanuatu to take note of these directives at their own interest.

Issued By

Public Affairs Department

Vanuatu Trade Commission-Ghana

P.O Box B.T.139, Tema- Ghana

Digital Address :GN-0544-8909

Tel:- +233240229 Ext 100-125


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