Stop Illegal Crossing Of Ghana’s Borders – G.I.S. Warns Culprits

Persons engaged in illegal cross border activities especially those involved in people smuggling have being cautioned to stop the practice with immediate effect, failure of which could earn severe sanctions according to the deputy comptroller of the Ghana Immigration Service, Laud Kwesi Afrifa.

The caution was given at the periodic meet the press briefing, on the coronavirus containment measures, held at the Ministry of Information in Accra on Wednesday.

The government of Ghana is currently enforcing a ban on travel and has ordered its international airport and borders closed to curb the spread of the deadly virus, which has claimed 2 lives and 53 persons testing positive for the covid-19 disease. Laud Afrifa used the occasion to appeal to communities along the borders to be cooperative and collaborate with the authorities to help check the spread of the lethal virus rather than aid illegal activities which may bring untold hardships as virus is no respecter of persons and locations.

The deputy comptroller further catalogued a number of cases that his outfit has dealt with in enforcing govt’s directives.

The coronavirus pandemic also known as COVID-19 has shaken the world with over 400,000 infections and an estimated 15,000 deaths.
So far over 100,000 persons have recovered from the viral phenomenon.

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