Two students from Ada Senior High School (SHS) in the Greater Accra region lost their lives in a drowning accident in the Volta River. This heartbreaking event unfolded on Sunday, November 5, 2023.

The students, who have not been identified yet, were reported to be in the age range of 16 to 18 years old. It is alleged that they left the school without having their meals and ventured to swim in the Volta River, which is situated near the school.

According to reports, nearby residents noticed the students in distress and attempted to rescue them.

However, their efforts came too late, and the students tragically lost their lives.

An eyewitness mentioned that the students had gone to the river to fetch water because of a shortage of water in the school. It was noted that students often rely on the river as an alternative water source during such shortages.

He said, The school authorities came yesterday and reported it to the Ada police station so the bodies have been taken to the district hospital.

Meanwhile, the police have launched investigations into the drowning of the two students.

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