Thank you, but how much we were paid is not your business – Amerado

Thank you, but how much we were paid is not your business – Amerado

Amerado is grateful to those who were fixated on how much he was paid for his performance at the Ghana Party In The Park in the UK, but he wishes they paid more attention to his music.

Speaking with Mz Gee on Simply Showbiz, Amerado mentioned that he has no interest in knowing how much the other boys were paid. According to him, his money matters are handled by the professionals on his team whilst he focuses on his craft.

“People going around saying £300 and £500 is none of my business. I am the craft, and I think they should deal with the managers on that side, and I am supposed to deliver and win souls when I come back to Ghana.”

Amerado disclosed that he has no interest in the financial affair of the other Kumerican musicians. He said “Our minds were focused on the show and our performances rather than what people will say. It’s not going to bring anything positive to our table. So basically, I don’t know how much they paid Kofi. And Kofi doesn’t know how much they paid me. I am not even interested.”

He also pointed out that although these money speculations were out of turn, he acknowledges the thought behind the gesture. He thought it sweet that people were looking out for him in that regard.

“No, I wasn’t disappointed. Simply because I know the people talking about this stuff want the welfare and the better being of us. If they don’t wish us well, they won’t be thriving harder, for us to get paid higher amounts. So I salute DJ Slim. I salute all the people who were talking about this stuff.”

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