The Bible Doesn’t Condemn Staking Of Lotto; Keep staking Responsibly- Deputy DG NLA

The Deputy Director General of The National Lottery Authority, Anna Horma Miezeh has stated that the Holy Bible does not speak against staking of lotto, hence there is absolutely nothing wrong with one opting to stake lotto in a bid to make money.

The deputy director General of NLA argued that the lottery is just a Sport and a game of chance, hence cannot be considered sinful because the Bible doesn’t condemn it in any way.

To back her points, she cited Matthew 27:35-36; Mark 15:24; Luke 23:34; John 19:23-24 as clear quotations which confirm how the staking of the lotto began.

She, therefore, cautioned Ghanaians to stake it responsibly and prohibited children under 18 years to abstain from it.

He made these remarks in an interview with Oman News’ Kwaku Stephen

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