A presidential contender for the New Patriotic Party, Hon. Ken Ohene Agyapong, has reiterated his vision of creating jobs for the country’s youth, using tourism, agriculture and industrialization as catalysts for rapid development and change.
The Assin Central Member of Parliament rehashed his policies when he addressed a mammoth crowd at the forecourt of Kencity Media Ltd. to climax the Showdown Health Walk, which took place on Saturday.
Several supporters of Hon. Ken Ohene Agyapong from all walks of life, including several fan groups, converged at Ayi Mensah earlier in the day and began the walk accompanied by a contingent of the Ghana Police Service, who ensured the safety of the participants.

Addressing the teeming crowd after the health walk, Hon. Ken Agyapong reassured his loyal supporters that, due to his vision and commitment to transforming the nation, he will not step down from the race.

He used the opportunity to appeal to the delegates of the party to give him the nod to lead the party in the 2024 elections because he has the right policies to turn the economy of the country around.
He reiterated his policies of using tourism, agriculture, and industrialization to create jobs and offer food security for Ghana and beyond.

He pledged to reverse the north-south migration trend of labor and assured that, when given the nod, he would make the five northern regions economically vibrant, which would see southerners emigrating to work in the northern zone of the country.

Hon. Agyapong urged the delegates, especially the polling station executives, not to be swayed by the influence of gifts and promises in their decisions, as they have been neglected by those who are now clamoring for their votes.

The philanthropic legislator appealed to the NPP faithful to listen to Ghanaians and choose the right candidate for the youth to find Ghana an attractive place to realize their dreams.

He said it’s time a businessman led the country after trying lawyers, economists and the military, and he stands tall among the business community.

He reiterated his PHD credentials and said that with these pillars, Ghana can move ahead of its peers, and he urged the delegates to choose the no. 1 on the ballot paper.

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