Tory Lanez is still seeking to remain out of prison until his appeal in the Megan Thee Stallion shooting case, despite the fact that his initial attempt to get out on bail was denied.

Ceasar McDowell, CEO of Unite the People and a member of Tory’s legal team, tells reporters: Tory contacted his attorneys on Thursday, only minutes after a judge refused his release, to express his optimism for the future.

Tory allegedly spoke with Caesar on the phone, beginning the discussion by claiming he wasn’t shocked the court declined his motion, blaming it on “all in God’s plan.”

Tory, according to Caesar, is focused on future actions for his legal team, including preparations to submit an emergency request to overturn the judge’s order. We’re told Tory feels a higher court will be more sympathetic to his case than the trial court judge who gave the verdict on Thursday, which puts Tory in jail for the time being.

As previously reported, Tory is seeking bail so that he may live with his son while his appeal is heard in court. Tory wants to be able to send his small kid to school now that school has resumed.

Tory was sentenced to ten years in jail after being convicted in the Megan shooting case. As we previously stated, he has been relying on his faith, and his unshakeable optimism for the future appears to be a reflection of that.

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