A viral video of pupils licking and sucking another participant’s toes during an event sponsored by the school has prompted an inquiry into a high school in Oklahoma.

According to The Post, Deer Creek High School used the school’s gym for a fundraising event. A minimum of four teenagers aggressively consumed peanut butter off the bare feet of another participant while lying on their stomachs. It’s unknown if the other people wearing the peanut butter were adults or students.

Students can be heard applauding as the children in the unsettling video use their lips to take out the peanut butter.

Furthermore, a pupil in the background remarks, “He is devouring those!” Additionally, a moderator can be heard energizing the participants and audience.

The “Clash of Classes” assembly at the school was where the incident happened on Thursday. The Deer Creek School District reports that the event was one of several held that week to collect money for a nearby coffee business that employs individuals with special needs.

Students had to pay to enter the toe-sucking competition. Teens in the ninth through the twelfth grades offered their time to take part in the events.

Administrators initially approved of the nauseating competition and gave kids praise for taking part in the “Wonderful Week” of fundraising. $152,830.38 was raised in total by the student body. However, they apologized to the parents and pupils following the peanut butter incident.The video of the strange competition has received close to 50 million views in a single day. Following notice to the Oklahoma State Department of Education, an official inquiry was launched.

“There is a video circulating on social media of one of the activities that involves students only during this assembly that has, unfortunately, gained national attention,” the school district stated in a statement to The Post. “We want to stress to our community that much of the information accompanying this video is inaccurate. However, through this specific game, we failed to uphold the dignity of our students and the proud image of our community. We have a responsibility to protect our Antlers and showcase them in a positive light. In regards to this one particular activity, we fell short and for that, we greatly apologize.”

“Thank you for standing with us and helping us to weather this storm and move forward together,” the school district added.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas described the tournament as “child abuse” on X, to which Walters said, “I totally agree.” This is not going to continue in Oklahoma.

The investigation conducted by the Department of Education is still ongoing.

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