Uganda says efforts were underway on Wednesday to ensure that the
perpetrators of an attack which killed three in a national park on
Tuesday, are hunted down and killed.

According to Ugandan police, the three, consisting of two international tourists and a Ugandan guide, were driving through the Queen Elizabeth National Park on Tuesday when they were ambushed by suspected members of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

“We have registered a cowardly terrorist attack on two foreign tourists and a Ugandan in Queen Elizabeth National Park,” Uganda Police Force spokesman Fred Enanga tweeted.

“The three were killed, and their safari vehicle was burned.”

Ugandan military spokesman Felix Kulayigye said Wednesday that a
joint army, police and wildlife authority force “has deployed all
resources, both technical and physical, in pursuit of these terrorists and
will ensure they account for their heinous acts”.
The attack purportedly carried out by the Allied Democratic Forces
(ADF) killed a couple on their honeymoon who were of South African
and British nationality, as well as their Ugandan safari guide in the
Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda’s south-west.
The rebel group ADF has been affiliated with Islamic State (IS) since
2019 and is based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
On Wednesday, IS issued a statement claiming responsibility for the

The United Kingdom on Wednesday warned its citizens against any
travel to the Queen Elizabeth National Park, which shares a border with
the DRC. 
France has also advised its nationals to act prudently.
Kulagiye sought to assure tourists that the attack was “an isolated
incident,” and Uganda remains “secure and safe.

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