UNIPGC Committee on Sustainable Peace Education & International Security
👉🏿 Chairman –

The Sustainable Peace Education committee comprises of security personnel, scholars, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs., Diplomats, traditional rulers and religious leaders…

One of the roles of the peace committee is to consolidate their presence in various communities and make their activities sustainable by working hand in hand with the Human Rights & social justice committee to study cases of human rights violations recorded by regional human rights observers and to propose peaceful solutions to resolve them, either through the implementation of awareness campaigns, information, advocacy, or the organization of larger-scale discussions.

The objective of this committee is to strengthen local peace mechanisms and build trust between the security forces, youth, and the media

The Sustainable Peace Education committee comprises the local security forces, media, and civil society organizations, traditional and religious leaders.

UNIPGC members are encouraged by the committee to contribute to the perpetuation of Sustainable Peace Education in the following ways:

👉🏿Capacity building and Teachings related to community conflict management and dispute resolution techniques.

👉🏿Presentations, particularly panels held at UNIPGC annual meetings

👉🏿 Training to help UNIPGC members build their “Peace Advocacy Capacities” – such as how to work with the media, doing public advocacy, etc.

👉🏿Building collaborative relationships,

👉🏿 Awarding Peace Ambassadors, and Icon of Peace Awards to members of the committee and other external Peace building individuals.

For more info on other Advisory Committees of UNIPGC AFRICA, kindly visit https://www.ipgcinc.org/advisorycommittee

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