United Nations International Peace And Governance Council Appoints International Diplomat As High Commissioner And Continental Vice President

The Supreme Council of the United Nations International Peace and Governance Council ( UNIPGC), has appointed and officially inaugurated a top profile internationally renowned Diplomat, H. E. Prof. Dean Roberts Jr. as the High Commissioner and Continental Vice President of the Council to the United States of America.

At the just-ended International Festival of Arts and Culture, ( FESTAC AFRICA2023) held in Tanzania, he was also appointed as a Professor of Criminology by the American University of Peace and Governance in Texas, USA. Senior Lecturer of American University of Peace and Governance, Texas USA. Visiting Professor in Criminology, American University of Peace and Governance, Texas USA. Chancellor of World University of Youth Development, USA.

H. E. Amb. Prof Roberts Jr. is a prominent African American Criminologist, Engineering Scientist, Internationally Recognised Security Expert, Philanthropist, Investor in the oil and gas industry, International Missionary and a renowned and globally respected Peace and Conflict Mediator whose Peaceful exploits and campaigns span over 5 continents.

In his acceptance speech, H. E. Amb Prof Dean Roberts Jr. expressed profound appreciation to the President of the United States of America, H. E. Joe Biden and the entire Citizenry of America for recognizing the singular honors and appointment to such higher office and sending a high profile diplomat to witness and participate the inauguration ceremony.

H. E. Amb. Prof. Dean Roberts Jr. pledged his loyalty and unflinching support to the Supreme Council and the Acting Global President of the United Nations International Peace and Governance Council. H. E. Amb. Dr. Jonathan E. Ojadah and assured them of his readiness to deploy his wealth of expertise and experience at the disposal of the organization and help it to reach the zenith of its glory for the benefit of mankind. 

H. E. Amb Prof Roberts Jr. can be credited with a recent call for total disarmament and complete destruction of the stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, and which was endorsed by the US President, Joe Biden in his recent speech who said that message was an important disarmament step that needs the highest standards of transparency and public safety and to which his country was not going to stop fighting that impunity to achieve global peace which is the main objective of H. E. And. Roberts Jr.

H. E. Anb. Prof Roberts Jr. said the UNIPGC stands for global peace and sustainable development which can only be achieved through collaborative efforts and mediation processes globally to practicalize peace building efforts in all sincerity for a peaceful world.

He pledged to work and serve the UN, the Supreme  Council of the UNIPGC and the world at large with diligence, maximum accountability and transparency. He said that he is open to any invitation by any who may need his contribution towards the peace-building process by any government or heads of various Religious organizations all over the world.

He concluded by calling on all stakeholders in Global Peace, including the Academia fraternity, to observe strict compliance with the common goal of tolerance, and maximum co operation and in the spirit of fidelity and commitment,  to the purpose and principles of the Charter of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals road map and beyond by H. E. Rev Dean Roberts Jr.

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