Vanuatu Trade Commissioner To Ghana Presents His Credentials

The Trade Commissioner of the Republic of Vanuatu to Ghana, Amb. Prof Hugh Aryee has presented his credentials to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration in Accra.

The Commissioner and his team were well received by the Deputy Minister, Hon Ampratwum Sarpong and Officials of the Ministry.

Deputizing for the Minister who was at a Cabinet meeting then, and welcoming the team, Hon Ampratwum Sarpong said he was particularly happy to see a Ghanaian appointed as the Trade Commissioner of a country like Vanuatu to Ghana.

He said it will never be far from right to say that over 95% of Ghanaians might not have heard of Vanuatu and therefore serious publicity work needs to be done to drum home and make it a household name in Ghana.

He said Ghanaians are always open to new challenges and will do anything to venture to take a trip to the place to explore business and employment opportunities.

On a lighter note, he said the accolade of Trade Commissioner limits the holder from discussing anything politics with him since he is here only to facilitate trade.

Prof Aryee in his response thanked the Minister and his group for the warm reception accorded his team.

He explained that the mandate of the Commission, apart from facilitating bilateral trade and Tourism opportunities between the two countries, has the singular honor to have the two countries engage in political exchanges through their two Parliaments, which had already begun with the visit to the Speaker of the Ghanaian Parliament.

He intimated that the Political Authority of Vanuatu ie. The President, Prime Minister, The Foreign Affairs, Trade and Tourism Ministers have expressed their eagerness to visit Ghana in June /July to meet with their Ghanaian counterparts to cement what the Trade Commissioner has started.

He also revealed that he has been given additional responsibility for West Africa and God willing, he will be touring the region to get himself acquainted with, and promoting Vanuatu in the hub.

After the exchange of pleasantries, Prof Aryee proceeded to present his credentials to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, which was received by the Deputy Minister, Hon Ampratwum Sarpong in a short ceremony.

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