The Deputy Chairman in Charge of Corporate Affairs at the Electoral Commission of Ghana, Dr. Eric Bossman-Asare, has called on all political parties in Ghana to desist from facilitating the illegal registration of voters at the ongoing limited voter registration exercise, as it undermines the democratic credentials of the country.
The Deputy Commissioner underscored the high reputation of the Electoral Commission as a credible election moderator over the years and expressed great concern about efforts by some to tarnish its hard-earned reputation across the world.
Dr. Bossman Asare bemoaned these concerns during its latest press conference it held to update citizens on the ongoing limited voter registration exercise.

The Deputy Commissioner further denied allegations of discrimination by the EC in the discharge of its duties and stated that these comments are championed by those who want to undermine the Electoral Commission.

Dr. Bossman Asare lamented the trend in reports of under-aged citizens trying to register and underscored its illegality while calling on parents to closely monitor the activities of their children who are under 18 years old.
He further lambasted political parties that are facilitating the illegal registration of foreign nationals and minors who are ineligible to register.

He used the occasion to appeal to citizens to avoid physical confrontations during the challenging process of suspecting illegal registrants.
He called on the police to enforce the law during these breaches of the regulations to ensure a smooth exercise.

Dr. Bossman Asare also gave a numerical update on the ongoing limited voter registration exercise as of Monday.

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