Voters Register: Over 1 Million Ghanaians Registered For New Voters ID – EC

Deputy Electoral Commission Chair, Dr. Bossman Asare, has said that over one million Ghanaians have been duly registered and received their IDs in the ongoing voters registration exercise across the country.

This comes exactly after a week the registration exercise commenced in various parts of the country on the basis of Cluster and Phasing system.

According to Dr. Bossman Asare, the machines being used for the registration exercise are so far working as expected thus the impressive numbers.

He said, per the Commission’s data after Saturday’s exercise, 1,894, 000 eligible registrants had been successfully registered and handed their voters identification cards.

Speaking in an interview with Peace FM, Dr. Bossman Asare said, “the registration process is going fast, some centres register about 150 and even 270 people a day and the numbers we have are encouraging. By the time we put the new figures together, we’ll have about 2.2 million people…the machines are working as we expected so we’re asking all eligible registrants to have patience and wait for us. In the last one week, after the exercise on Saturday we had registered 1,894, 000…So we’re yet to add the figures from yesterday’s exercise.”

With regards to the general outlook of the process, the EC deputy chair said the commission is pleased with the turnout of events so far and will not hesitate to resolve issues as and when they come up.

“…Generally, it’s going well and we’re happy about that,” Dr Bossman said.

After months of legal battles about the propriety of the compilation of a new voters register, the Supreme Court finally gave the Electoral Commission the green light to proceed. On the foundation of several promises, the Electoral Commmission proceeded to set June 30, 2020, for the process.

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