Wear More Traditional Dresses To Parliament Instead Of Suit And Tie – Speaker

The Rt Hon Speaker of Parliament, Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin has urged members of Parliament to wear more traditional dresses to Parliament instead of Suits and ties or other foreign attires.

Mr. Bagbin added that, the ceremonial dress for Speakers of Parliament were not meant for daily usage but for occasional purposes and that, the British who introduced such form of dresses have long abandoned theirs, so why Ghana is still using them, he, therefore, called on MPs to eat Ghana, wear Ghana, grow Ghana and more.

Mr. Bagbin made this call today in his welcome address to members of Parliament from their recess.

He further rendered an unqualified to Ghanaians for the various forms of chaos and riot which happened in Parliament last year and promise that such incidents would never happen again in Parliament and that, he the Speaker and his two deputies would make sure that all members of Parliament would use a decent language on the floor of Parliament in order to maintain discipline in the House.

Also, both Majority and minority leaders condemned the unacceptable attitudes of some members of Parliament who were involved in the various chaos in the House.

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