Winneba Fishermen records a bountiful harvest after ban on fishing lifted

Today marks exactly one month when the government implemented a closed season for fishing along the coast of Ghana. The implementation of this policy is the first of its kind in Ghana under his excellency Nana Akufo-Addo with its objective of ensuring that the fish stock in our territorial waters are replenished.

The Ministry for Fishery begun a campaign last year to make fishermen in Ghana observe a closed season to allow for fingerlings in the sea to grow and multiply. Indeed, the advocacy on the closed season this year went down well with the fisher folks with an over whelming cooperation from the fishermen across Ghana especially fishermen in Winneba

A visit to the shore this morning was characterized with a delightful sight of activities by the fishermen and the women. People had trooped in to the beach upon the announcement of a bumper catch by the Sebeh Boat.

The fishermen in Effutu were so happy with the turn of event today when they returned from sea.
They expressed their gratitude to the government for the bold steps taken and further expressed their utmost excitement to the government having realized the importance of the closed fishing season.

The fishermen in Effutu testified that the one-month closed fishing season has helped them in so many ways as they were able to care of their health and families within the period much more than they could imagined.
They also indicated that the closed fishing season gave them the opportunity to do repair works and maintenance on the canoes and fishing nets.

They thanked the government for the initiative and expressed gratitude to the government for showing great concern about their activities as fishermen in the country and promised to abide by any initiative that will help their field of work by the government.

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