A copyright infringement case has been filed against Universal Music Group (UMG) for the song “Real Love.” TMZ reports that the lawsuit alleges that the music improperly sampled a 1973 hit. Mary J. Blige is not currently included in the petition as a defendant. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, TufAmerica Inc., the owner of Tuff City Records, asserts that Universal sampled their song “Impeach the President” without their consent. In 1973, the New York-based record label Tuff City Records issued “Impeach the President.”

It is among the songs that have been sampled the most in hip-hop history, according to Tuff City Records. Many well-known musicians have used elements of the song in their own original compositions. The song has been sampled by Eric B, Slick Rick, 2Pac, Rakim, and Ice Cube. For context, before distributing any work that has been sampled, entities are required to obtain permission from the song’s original creator.

According to TufAmerica, they communicated their concerns to UGM. They are suing on the grounds that the record label disregarded their warnings.

The business is asking for secret damages. They also want Universal to stop receiving any money from the record until they resolve the lawsuit.

“Impeach the President”‘s sound recording and musical composition are allegedly sampled by “Real Love.” Roy C & The Honey Dippers are the artists on the song.

According to Genius, Universal previously acknowledged Audio Two’s 1980s hip-hop song “Top Billin” as the sample.

Mary J. Blige has not responded to the case in public.

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