Adele said on stage that she felt “a little bit out of my depth” after winning the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award on Thursday at the Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment event, given that in her 17-year career, she has only recorded four albums.

“I feel like I’ve just recently arrived,” she remarked.

She released her debut album “19” in 2008, “21” in 2011, “25” in 2015, and “30” in 2021 after the album’s popularity. Adele claimed in her address on Thursday that she worries if people think she is “elusive” and thinks “less is more,” and that she occasionally worries “if people think I’m calculated when I disappear for years on end” between albums.

Adele, though, says it’s none of the above.

The “true reason” she’s only put out four albums so far stems from a choice she made following her “pregnancy,” which many would have viewed as “career suicide,” at the height of her wildly successful 2011 album “21.” But I always wanted to go against the trend, so I rejected the concept that you have to always be relevant to succeed and that scarcity is excess. Maybe, just maybe, I can be successful both on and off stage, she added.

You’ll never guess what, too. She declared boldly, “[I] f— got away with it,” to applause and cheers from the people on stage.

She explained that the reason is because “of all the sacrifices the women before me have made,”

She went on, “I have every right to be the boss at work and at home because of them.”

(CNN, 2023)

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