Bill Cosby has apparently avoided the spotlight out of concern that he may be assassinated by a celebrity-seeker or a family of someone who has accused him of sexual assault. It is said that the elderly comic is now concerned for his wife’s life.

According to accounts, Cosby’s agent, Andrew Wyatt, disclosed that the 86-year-old and his 79-year-old spouse “don’t like being prisoners in their own home,” but they have to restrict their public engagement to ensure their safety. Cosby worries a family member of the accusers may murder them. Wyatt said that the families of Mr. Cosby’s purported victims had “threatened” him. He bought two weapons as a result of these threats, according to Radar. He said that Cosby advised him “to be safe.” Bill is much more terrified since he and Camille are easily recognized. Last year, insiders revealed to the newspaper that Cosby “fears for his life.” The former comedian fears that someone would kill him “for fame,” so he avoids leaving the house.

Wyatt said the couple alternates between their houses in The Big Apple and their homes in Massachusetts, leading a reclusive existence.

“He knows what kind of world they live in,” his rep stated. “Who knows what they’d do to him, his wife, daughters, or grandchildren?”

As previously noted, a number of women have leveled accusations against America’s erstwhile favorite father, ranging from rape to drug-assisted sexual assault to many other sorts of sexual misbehavior.

In 2004, Cosby was accused of drugging and molesting Andrea Constant, a woman, according to ABC News. The actor was found guilty of offenses against the former Temple University employee and given a sentence ranging from three to ten years in state prison.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court reversed the former media mogul’s conviction, and he was allowed to leave jail in January 2021.

Besides his legal troubles, Cosby and Camille also suffered the loss of two of their five children. Ennis, their lone male child, was killed in a 1997 armed robbery when he was 27 years old. In 2018, the beleaguered couple also lost their daughter Elsa, who passed away from kidney illness. Her age was forty-four.

In addition to being a well-known actor, the media figure was also an activist, writer, and television producer. He is the recipient of several People’s Choice, Grammy, and Emmy Awards. It was unimaginable for his supporters that Cosby’s legacy would end here. While some members of the public think “Cliff Huxtable” is innocent, others disagree.

Even though Cosby and his wife don’t intend to spend much time outside, at least he won’t have to worry about his pudding pops melting while he remains confined to his house.

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