“COKE STUDIO” by Coca-Cola and Universal Music Group debuts with Tems, Ari Lennox, and others

Coca-Cola has teamed with Universal Music Group to provide Coke Studio to a worldwide audience.

The worldwide Coke Studio initiative is digital-first and always-on, giving rising talent the chance to collaborate, create, and bring musical enchantment to new audiences. The Conductor, a worldwide video that comprises seven artists working to rework the legendary Queen single ‘A Kind of Magic,’ will be its first moment.

Coke Studio and ‘The Conductor’ are the most recent manifestations of Coca-new Cola’s global brand concept, Real MagicTM, which was presented late last year. The platform’s primary premise is that our diversity enriches the world we live in – and that “Real Magic” comes when we join together via shared experiences, both online and in person.

“Coke Studio is an outgrowth of Coca-Real Cola’s Magic concept,” stated Pratik Thakar, Coca-Head Cola’s of Global Creative Strategy and Content. “It honors music’s singular capacity to unify and elevate, and it serves as a focal point for fans all across the globe to join together and share a new experience.”

‘The Conductor,’ a unique collaboration that highlights the global enchantment at the center of the Coke Studio platform, pays tribute to the renowned rock band Queen. The two-minute video revolves on a re-recording of Queen’s renowned ‘A Kind of Magic’ melody, created in a remarkable collaboration with worldwide breakthrough artists who each bring their own distinct flair to the song, recreating the piece for a new generation.

Ari Lennox, the Grammy-nominated American R&B sensation; Griff, the British singer-songwriter; Ekin Beril, the Turkish electro-pop producer; Mariah Angeliq, the Latin urban pop powerhouse; Tems, the Nigerian singer-songwriter and producer; Tesher, the Canadian-Indian rapper and producer; and TRI.BE, the colorful, multi-lingual K-Pop girl band

In addition to the video, each of the seven artists has recorded their own renditions of ‘A Kind of Magic,’ which will be available on the Coke Studio YouTube Hub starting today, along with extra exclusive music and behind-the-scenes material. Content may also be accessible via the ‘Drink. Scan. Enjoy’ on-pack activation, which transforms Coca-Cola packets into digital portals, allowing users to engage with the new worldwide Coke Studio content.

“The Coke Studio platform was founded in Pakistan and has gone on to enjoy enormous success there, as well as in Africa and the Philippines,” Thakar remarked. “We think it has exponential growth potential, and we’re delighted to present it to a larger global audience today, using our renowned brand to help expose new audiences to some incredible artists.”

“With Coke Studio, we wanted to offer something unusual,” stated Joshua Burke, The Coca-Cola Company’s Head of Global Music & Culture Marketing. “Coca-Cola has always had a strong relationship with music, collaborating with stand-out developing talent in many places throughout the globe and having a long history of connecting people across borders and cultures. Coke Studio combines the two in a strong and forward-thinking manner, helping the growth of talent in the music business while also connecting new consumers to new music – and each other.”

“We view ‘The Conductor’ as both a tribute to the iconic Queen and a chance to freshen and rework one of their best compositions for a new generation in diverse ways across countries and musical genres,” Burke said. That has its own charm.”

Five of the participating breakthrough artists are affiliated to Universal Music Group’s legendary record labels, while a sixth is linked to the company’s Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG). ‘The Conductor’ was developed in collaboration with BETC London and directed by Pierre Dupaquier of Iconoclast (WAFLA).

“Collaborating on both the music and creative concept for this launch with these fantastic artists and the Coca-Cola team was wonderful,” said Richard Yaffa, EVP, Global Brands, Universal Music Group. “Our firms share a strong dedication to presenting incredible talent, collaborating with musicians from all around the world, and assisting them in spreading their music while expanding their fan base.”

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