Diana Ross had no reservations about joining Beyoncé onstage for some birthday fun. It’s been reported that the alleged shade Lionel Richie hurled at Diana was merely a buddy joke.

According to sources close to Diana, she was honored to sing “Happy Birthday” to Beyonce during her sold-out SoFi Stadium event last week, and she was only returning the favor.

As you may know, Beyoncé took the stage at Diana’s 75th birthday gala a few years ago, so it seemed only natural that Ms. Ross be the one chosen to grace the stage for Bey’s birthday event.

Regarding Lionel’s apparent rage over Diana’s Bey-day serenade, insiders with direct knowledge said he was kidding around when he yelled about it during one of his shows.

If you haven’t seen it, Lionel claimed he’s been trying for three decades to convince Diana to perform their legendary duet “Endless Love” live on stage, but she’s always said no.

When he groused, the audience laughed. Diana’s decision to perform for Beyonce “pissed me off!”

Some online were unsure if it was genuine wrath or not, but we’re informed it wasn’t; he adores Diana, and the two have a history of openly jabbing at one another.

The mystery has been solved.

Watch the serenade below.

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