A man has recently filed a lawsuit against Diddy, alleging the mogul sexually molested him.

Rodney Jones, a former producer and cameraman for the mogul, alleges in court documents acquired by TMZ that he was the victim of multiple sexual assaults by Diddy and unwelcome approaches made on his behalf by Diddy’s friends.

Jones alleges Diddy would touch his anus and prod his genitalia, among other things. Jones continues by claiming that Diddy would show off his nude behavior for him. Jones thinks Diddy was attempting to prepare him for a sexual relationship. He claims that Diddy would dismiss the reported attacks as “horseplay.” Jones continues by saying that Diddy made him see a video of Stevie J having sex with another man under duress. Jones also sent a screen shot from the movie.

There are other claims that he was sexually abused by a female cousin of Diddy’s girlfriend, Yung Miami, who purportedly tried to have sex with him in front of Diddy and staff members.

There’s still more… Jones claims Diddy used to bring prostitutes to his Miami home. Jones also claims that on one occasion, when he was there, he was drugged and maybe raped.

Additionally, he claims that Diddy purposefully gave women bottles of his drug-laced vodka and tequila at many gatherings.

There are more obscene claims, such as bringing minor females to Diddy’s house and giving them drink.According to Jones, Diddy gave Stevie J and his son Justin Combs instructions on how to obtain prostitutes; specifically, Justin was told to look for young females to go to the parties. On Diddy’s boat, Jones says, Cuba Gooding Jr. introduced him to him and started “touching, groping, and fondling Mr. Jones’s legs, his upper inner thighs near his groin, the small of his back near his buttocks and his shoulders.”A furious disagreement between Diddy and his son Justin in an L.A. recording studio is alleged to have led to a gunshot, according to Jones. According to Jones, a man identified as G was struck by gunshots and was heavily bleeding from his stomach. According to Jones, Diddy directed him to tell police that G was shot during a drive-by. It’s important to note that the LAPD apparently discovered during their investigation into the incident that the victim had been wounded during a robbery outside the studio and had just run inside while still bleeding.

Jones is suing Justin, other workers, and many record executives, in addition to Diddy. The documents state that he is requesting at least $30 million in damages.

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