In preparation for the annual Homowo festival, the Ga Traditional Council has declared that the ban on noise-making will begin on Monday, May 6, and conclude on Thursday, June 6.

The ban extends to all forms of noise-making activities, including the use of loudspeakers, drums, tambourines, clapping of hands, and other musical instruments within the Ga State.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, April 3, the President of the Ga-Dangbe Traditional Council, Lawyer Ayikoi Otoo, emphasized that during the month-long period, all forms of noisemaking are prohibited including merry-making or holding of funerals.

He also asked the general public to respect the ban and refrain from remarks that could incite unrest and disrupt the peace in the country.

Lawyer Ayikoi Otoo added that a task force has been established to work with the Ghana Police Service to monitor and ensure compliance with the ban and prosecute individuals who fail to comply with the law.

On his part, the Chief priest of the Ga Traditional Council, Nuumo Naayestated that individuals and organizations are bound to use anything, any sound projectors and any form of machines that project sound is prohibited.

According to him, people cannot clap their hands, whistle nor do anything that will make excessive noise. He emphasized that offenders will receive an inventory of seized items and a 90-day ultimatum to rectify their actions.

He further explained how a defaulter whose items are seized and sent to the Ga Traditional Council can be retrieved. He also urged churches, mosques and all individuals to honour the ban and uphold the sanctity of Ga tradition.

The Ga Council reaffirmed its commitment to upholding its cherished practice as the annual tradition of observing the customary ban on noisemaking approaches.

The Traditional Council also urges all residents of the Ga state to honour the month-long ban on drumming and noise-making and refrain from spouting remarks regarding the customs practice and beliefs of the Ga people which are likely to lead to the breaches of the peace.

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