Kizz Daniel apologizes to Tanzanians and promises a free show for fans

Nigerian music star Kizz Daniel has apologized to Tanzanian music fans for failing to show up at a show in Tanzania.

Str8up Vibes organized the event. The organizers of the Summer Amplified Show in Tanzania arrested the Buga hitmaker for failing to perform at the well-publicized show on Sunday night.

The singer’s absence angered fans who came to see him perform, causing them to thrash the show’s venue.

In an interview session with radio personality Daddy Freeze, the show promoter Steven Uwa said that Kizz Daniel opted out of the show because the airline he flew with did not bring all his baggage.

The show promoter revealed that Kizz Daniel was booked for $60,000.

He also revealed that he spent nothing less than $300,000 on the show because it was a premium event.

He also lamented the flimsy reason the singer gave after he failed to perform and explained why he got him arrested.


Addressing a press conference in Tanzania, Kizz Daniel said he had agreed with Str8up Vibes that the show must go on.

“We agreed to put up a show on Friday. A free show. So, I will be partnering with Str8up Vibes.

Also, I must apologize to the fans. None of this was intentional. I love my job. Mainly, I love performing.

“I didn’t mean to disrespect the fans. It was never intentional. I wanted to perform. I came to Tanzania to perform, but due to some circumstances way over my power, we couldn’t make that happen.

“I apologize once again to the people of Tanzania, and I hope you guys give me another chance to give you a show, to give you a proper show, a beautiful show,” the ‘Buga’ crooner said.

Reasons for absence

Explaining the reason behind his missing the show, Kizz Daniel said when he arrived in Nairobi from Kampala, the plane he was supposed to fly in (connecting flight) had already departed.

He then stayed in Nairobi for eight hours and got a connecting flight at 8:30 p.m.

Upon arriving in Dar es Salaam, he said he discovered that some of his belongings had been forgotten.

“The organizers assured me we’d get other equipment. We arrived at the hotel at 9 p.m. and sent my band to the hall to practice.

“Unfortunately, the band failed because the fans had already entered the venue.

“I tried contacting the designers here to get clothes. When I decided to leave the venue, I was told it was unsafe already. The fans got angry”.

“We agreed with the organizers that we will apologize to the fans and organize another show.

“On the second day, news spread, and the police followed me to the hotel, not to arrest me but to question me about what happened,” he said.

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