Lydia Forson Urges Ghanaians To Be Cautious Amid Spike In Coronavirus Cases

Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has urged Ghanaians to be extra cautious due to the recent spike in coronavirus cases.

In a tweet, Lydia Forson said “We must understand that #COVID?19 is something the whole world is trying to figure out. We have more questions than answers and we find something new each day. So all we can really do is be extra cautious, that’s the only protection we have,”.

“We’ve been focused more on PR than actually fighting #COVID?19 and it’s coming back to bite us in the ass. When restrictions were relaxed so did the people, it’s just who we are. Stop spinning this, let us know the brutal truth so we can protect ourselves,” She added.

She also expressed sadness for people using the Coronavirus as a political tool, she wrote, “Honestly, I’m sad. Your political affiliation really shouldn’t matter in times like this, any human life lost is heartbreaking. This isn’t a time for politics, we have to come together and fight this. It also means that we should STOP using #COVID?19 as a campaign strategy.”

Expressing her view on the ongoing voters registration process which is a risk to human lives and the spread of the virus, Lydia Forson wrote, “But we should risk our lives to go and stand in line to register?!!! And please don’t come and tell us other countries have done it, we aren’t other countries!! My parents are now forced to choose between exercising their franchise and their health!!!”.

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