Net2 Tv Brings You An Intriguing Story of Love and Power Dubbed ‘I Forgot I Loved You’ Starting Monday 15th May, 2023

The latest and most gripping story of Love and Power ever told in a Telenovela is showing on Net 2 TV from 15th May, 2023.

I Forgot I Loved You will keep you rooted to your seat with suspense and emotions. Tune in to Net 2 TV every Monday to Friday at 2 pm and we will bring you a repeat, the same day at 9:30 pm.

A story of Love and Romance with intense bitterness between two rival wine-producing powerful families.

A story mixed with intrigue, passion and ambition as in a mix of wine in a glass.

Heberto Corronalle after an accident suffers memory loss. Little by little, he begins to recollect. He remembers the kind of ambitious man he used to be – This time, he decides to do things differently to redeem himself and to overcome his inner demons.

Florencia Rebello a visionary entrepreneur has returned home after some years and wants to bring her father’s vineyard back to prosperity.

Following the trajectory of these two (2) powerful families and their fights, the audience will taste a bitter/sweet story among vineyards and wineries in a fine saga of love and re–union, “I Forgot I Loved You”

NET 2 TV, Beyond the Limit 

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