Nicki Minaj has achieved a significant milestone and is now painting the globe pink. After completing the North American portion of her ‘Pink Friday 2’ world tour, the Queen is celebrating a significant career achievement. The “Pink Friday 2” tour by Nicki Minaj sold out 36 dates in a row when it was in the United States. According to Billboard Boxscores, Nicki’s tour became the highest-grossing journey by a female rapper in history, with a total revenue of $67 million and 439,000 tickets sold.

To commemorate the remarkable achievement. Minaj posted a sincere note on Instagram. The rapper from “Moment 4 Life” expressed gratitude to the Barbz for showing up to each “Gag City” residence and gave her crew credit for their diligence and inventiveness. “I’d like to thank the incredible ppl who, whether on stage or behind the stage, every single night, have been the most incredible, talented & reliable ppl on earth in order to make this show happen for the Barbz in the most over the top, stunning & unique way. We’re just getting started tho. So many ppl have asked if I’d consider adding more US dates,” Nicki wrote.

When Nicki Minaj launched the “Pink Friday 2” tour in Oakland, California, in March, she made headlines throughout the globe. After that, she continued to rule venues across America and Canada until, on May 13, she came to an end in Oklahoma City.

When Nicki and Drake came out on stage together, Toronto was left speechless. It was only fitting that Drizzy make an appearance in his hometown, after all. The two sang their collaboration duet, “Needle,” which can be found on Nicki’s album “Pink Friday 2.” For the first time in years, the seasoned performers shared a stage together, and the crowd could not contain their cries.

Nicki has had an incredible career, but this is not the end. For all of her admirers in Europe, the Harajuku Barbie will unlock the doors of “Gag City.” On May 23, Nicki will take the stage again in Amsterdam. Three months after releasing her album “Pink Friday 2,” Nicki set off on her global tour. The album is the rapper’s fifth studio effort and her first in five years after the 2018 release of “Queen.” When “Pink Friday 2” was released, it landed at the top of the US Billboard 200, making Nicki the first female rapper to have three number-one albums in history. Without a doubt, Nicki’s “Pink Friday 2” international tour was unforgettable! Ultimately, it will go down in history and has further cemented her position as a trailblazer in the music business.

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