Rihanna is talking candidly about her relationship with A$AP Rocky, the father of her two boys.

The music icon and Fenty creator said in a recent cover article for Interview magazine that their friendship turned into a passionate one after working together on a remix of her 2011 song “Cockiness (Love It).”

Rihanna said that her team “was worried that I wanted to have his head on a f—ing mantle” when the rapper publicly grabbed her behind during a performance of the song at the MTV Music Video Awards. Rather, she proceeded to co-star in his music video for “Fashion Killa,” and the two grew close.

“We had similar views on fashion. We perceived creativity in the same way,” she said this week to Interview magazine. We found ourselves frequently in the same circles. And after that, as we grew older, we always supported one other’s artistic endeavors and companies.”

At the end of 2019, she claimed, they really kicked it up.

We’ve been acquainted for a very long time. I’ve observed him in partnerships. He’s seen me in romantic settings,” Rihanna said to the magazine. “We’ve had encounters apart from romantic relationships. We were aware of our potential for problems and what we could do to one other’s lives. It is up to us to win or lose each other’s hearts. We so began dating very cautiously.

A global epidemic then struck.

“I felt like God knew we needed to speed up our relationship because we were going to start a family, and COVID did just that,” she remarked. And it would have taken us a lot longer to get to know one another and even realize we were ready if it weren’t for COVID.

Riot Rose and RZA, the couple’s two young boys, are now theirs. The choice to become a parent was something “we didn’t even really talk about,” according to Rihanna. It was beyond dispute. We had never experienced anything better than that.The fashion designer and singer expressed her desire to increase the number of children in their family to “as many as God wants me to have.”

“I’d go for my girl,” Rihanna continued. “However, it’s obviously another boy if it is.”


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