Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert were separated from Teyana herself in September, according to fans. Then, just one day before Thanksgiving, fresh information about their divorce and seven-year marriage emerged.

Taylor discreetly filed for divorce in January, according to various sites, including TMZ, Page Six, and Complex. According to court documents, she accuses her two kids’, Junie and Rue’s, father, of being a jealous narcissist. Their marriage, which began in 2016, she claims, is “irretrievably broken.” In Georgia, Teyana is requesting temporary and permanent primary physical custody, shared legal custody, and child support. According to TMZ, Teyana filed for divorce for the first time in January. She allegedly felt “manipulated and controlled” by Iman and filed for divorce. However, she had her legal team withdraw the filing one day later. She was “unable to handle the emotional rollercoaster” by the time she filed again in January.

Iman Shumpert just responded to her January lawsuit, according to TMZ sources. He reportedly listed their entire names in court documents rather than their initials, as she had. This decision, according to reports, made their private business extremely public.

According to Teyana’s divorce papers, Iman was jealous of his wife’s celebrity status and felt uneasy as her spouse, which led to the divorce. She claims that these problems have persisted throughout the years, including when he received a $40 million NBA deal in 2015. Despite being the higher-paid partner in the relationship, she claims he was nonetheless envious of her relevance. Iman allegedly sent Teyana disparaging text messages about her celebrity and became enraged when paparazzi sought solo photos of Teyana. Taylor states that her former spouse would incite conflicts on important occasions, such as her birthday and then apologize. The actress claims she sought to save their marriage by “intentionally [dimming] her light,” such as by declining recording and acting chances. She also allegedly sought to help Iman’s Hollywood goals by leveraging her connections to get him gigs.

Nonetheless, Teyana Taylor claims that none of it was enough. Iman is said to have “remained in an insecure state as his NBA career continued to wind down.” He replied to her efforts with “further cruel treatment and selfishness,” including infidelity scandals, according to reports.

Teyana claims she was “graceful” in her September statement when she claimed their breakup was not the result of adultery, according to TMZ. Teyana’s lawsuit states that Iman treated her “cruelly and [displayed] extreme narcissistic behavior throughout the majority of their marriage.” Taylor also allegedly said that Iman departed their family home in October and hasn’t spent much time with Junie and Rue since then.

Though she hasn’t publicly commented on the divorce file specifics, Iman sent a mysterious message on Instagram on Thanksgiving morning. The tweet includes a popular image of Joe Budden staring at his phone.

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