Zac Efron thought his physical makeover for “The Iron Claw,” his latest film, was a little “jarring.”

In the film, the actor plays professional wrestler Kevin Von Erich. He had a total physical makeover, adding a wig and a ton of muscle.

To put it mildly, I didn’t look at all like myself. We kind of pieced it together piece by piece, but it was startling at first,” Efron said to The Hollywood Reporter during this week’s film’s premiere.

The actual story of the Von Erich brothers, professional wrestlers in the early 1980s, is told in the film. The character that Efron plays, Kevin Von Erich, attended the film’s premiere as a guest.

“I very much thought about that the entire time we were filming this movie. You try to kind of push it aside a little bit, focusing just on doing the task at hand, but you can’t help but wonder, “What will Kevin really think of this?” at all times. stated Efron. “It feels more satisfying than anything I’ve ever done in my life to meet him, spend time with him, and have him here with us on the carpet.

“He’s so annoying,” joked the actor from “Bear.” “I had been lifting weights, doing this and that, and increasing my intake of food for months when I showed up and saw him. I thought, ‘What am I even doing?'” Why even attempt, you ask?

The Iron Claw opens in cinemas on December 22.

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